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September 16, 2010
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Yin'tekai turned the huge skull around in his massive hands as he studied its shape. He had gained this particular skull that same day from a hunt on a planet he had not been visiting for many years. But even last time he had been hunting on this planet, he had never run in to this animal species before.

The skull had just hours before, been attached to a giant lizard-like creature. The animal itself was a coldblooded species, but it had put up a rather impressive fight. Yin'tekai smiled to himself as he placed the skull back down on the table. It was nearly twice as big as his own.

He took his eyes off his impressive prize to glance at the other five trophies he had collected that same morning. Three of which came from rather primitive but sentient creatures. All three were males of course. This prey had not yet evolved past the stone age stage of cultural development. He ran a finger across the top of one of those skulls before his eyes stopped at the two last trophies. One came from a giant wingless bird creature, the other from some kind of a feline creature.

Eventually he made up his mind, went back to the giant lizard skull and picked it up. He had made sure to remove all the insides of the trophies before going back to his ship but all were still bloody and some flesh were still sticking to the skulls and now the time had come to fully clean them.

He turned his back on the table and walked to the other side of the room where another table was located. On that table was a whole series of different instruments, some looking frightening, others less so. He placed the giant skull on the table, sat down on the chair and grabbed a piece of rough thick leathery cloth with his right hand and a small cylinder in his left. The cylinder had a clear liquid inside with a slight tint of a yellow glow to it. It was the same type of liquid that his species used to eliminate proof of their existence each time they hunted on planets belonging to sentient beings.

That type of liquid was however of a glowing blue color and would melt everything organic, even bones. This yellow liquid was of a much lighter concentration and perfect for removing leftover meat and blood but otherwise harmless to bones and other more rough organic materials. He poured some of it out in to the cloth before moving it across the skull, rubbing against the white bone, causing a light sizzling noise as the liquid burned away the flesh and blood but left the bone intact.

The thick leathery cloth prevented the liquid from soaking through to his fingers as he kept on with the skull cleaning, but it did not take long before he had to replace the cloth with a new one. He stood up from the chair, looking over his progress . All he had left to clean was the jawbone and the left eye socket. He smiled at his work, proud of this particular trophy. He would definitely be going back to that planet again someday soon.

He walked back to the other table and the line of unclean skulls, placed his hand up towards the wall. On top of some type of sensor and a small chute in the wall revealed itself. He dumped the used cloth in the chute. Placed his hand on the censor again and watched the chute close before he grabbed a new piece of cloth from the table. He then grabbed two of the unclean skulls from the prey he had hunted down and made his way back to the cleaning table. He finished the giant lizard skull and proceeded with the first of the two other skulls.

Time passed by and Yin had soon moved on to the last skull in the line, the one coming from a bird creature. While cleaning it Yin got lost in his memories. He was a dark olive green yautja with black spots and lighter olive green splotches on his belly, thighs, throat and hand palms. He was a middle aged male with his 152 years, already having lived through three quarters of his life cycle and could soon be considered an elder. He had already managed to become a high ranked member of his clan, taking up the post right bellow his clan leader H'chak. Yin was a big strong muscular male, standing 7'4. A male in his best season. He had not meant to start hunting again after he had settled down with a female. Of course Yin had had many females coming and going throughout his life and had been blessed with twenty three pups in total so far. Twenty one sons and two daughters to be precise.

When a yautja male had passed his hunting trials, he gained the privilege to breed. But it would take many years to collect as many trophy skulls as possible, the bigger the better. Helped gain a reputation as a honorable and strong hunter, climb the ladder of ranks within his clan and eventually gain the privilege to pick a female that would become his wife and only his to breed with.

This is was exactly what Yin had achieved. He had returned to his clan with honor and glory, gaining himself a position right bellow his clan leader and taken a female named Dekna as his wife and she had blessed him with seven younglings. One daughter and six sons.

But his destiny had turned on him for reasons he did not know. Dekna had died suddenly from a high fever years back. Yin himself had never bothered seeking a new wife since then and had drowned his sorrows with the hunt. Leaving his youngest offspring with Dekna's sister back at the clans' home planet.

His two youngest pups were now teenagers. Agej'ya and Lar'ja. Lar'ja, being a male would have his first soft meat and hard meat trial very soon and Yin intended on going home so that he could attend on his youngest sons two trials, even though he had not seen his son for a nearly two years at this point. Perhaps he would even try to settle down once more with a new wife, but he was not sure about that yet as the life of a hunter seemed more appealing to him at this point. But first, before going home, he had planned to go on one last little hunt on a planet close to the oomans' solar system.

Yin placed the cloth aside once he was done with the bird skull, got up from his seat and walked back to the table with the now all clean, brand new and polished trophies. He picked up the two skulls from the sentient beings with his right hand, as he kept the bird skull in his left, and left the room.

He walked down a semi dark copper colored hallway, past his sleeping quarters and training room until he reached the trophy room. Yin entered and was greeted with the impressive sight of countless of skulls in all sizes. However, he had many more trophies at his home back on the home planet. But in his two year absence from the homeworld he had managed to build up a new rather impressive collection. Several xenomorphs skulls were among the collection as well and even a single empress skull too.

He smiled as his eyes met the big empress skull. Hunting her had nearly cost him his life. That particularly day nearly one and a half year back he had seen death on close hold and had been badly wounded. But nonetheless he had in the end proven to be stronger and smarter and had managed to take her down.

Normally it was against the code of honor to ever harm a female prey species. Females were off limit as hunting specimens. The only exception was the xenomorphs due to their females being the superior gender in size, aggression and dominance.

Eventually, he took his eyes off the empress trophy and turned to the left where half of the wall was still empty. With a few adjustments he soon had the three new skulls up on the wall before he went back to the cleaning room to get the remaining new prizes. He went back to the trophy room once more and hung them up on the wall to the left as well.

Once he was done, he stretched his body with a contented sigh and let out a silent yawn. It was soon time to get some sleep, but first he needed to eat. He had not had food for a while and his stomach had already started to complain. He took one last glance at his new trophies before leaving the room. The inbuilt door mechanism censors opening the door before him and closed once he was through.

He walked down the corridor towards the kitchen area, hit a panel on the wall and let the door open for him before entering the kitchen. Unlike most of his ship, the kitchen had a silvery color rather than copper.

He stepped up to a cupboard, opened it with a single light push with a finger and took out a plate and a cup. He placed them on the table before grabbing a large knife and turned his body towards a storage room. The storage room was the only room on his ship which had to be opened in the old fashioned way using a handle. Despite being a yautja race that had adjusted to a cooler environment, he could not help but shudder lightly from the cool breeze hitting his body when he opened the door and entered.

This room functioned as a cooling room as well and before him hung three big chunks of meat. The chunk closest to the back of the room was fully frozen while the one closest to the door was ready to be used. This particularly chunk came from the same strange bird creature he had just claimed a trophy of earlier that day.

He grabbed the hunk of bird meat with his left hand and used his right hand that held the knife, cut two big slices of meat off before leaving the storage room. Closing the door behind him, he walked back to the table and for a brief moment he was tempted to eat it raw. He felt too tired to care much about cooking, but eventually he shrugged the idea off his shoulders, grabbed a pan from the cupboard, and placed the two slices of meat on it.

He turned his back to the table and looked up at a shelf with several of spices from many different plants. Grabbed some of them and went back to his meat. Moments later the meat, along with a few chosen vegetables, was cooking inside a small oven. Once the meat had been fully cooked he took it out of the oven and onto his plate before going back to his bed chamber. Sitting down at his study table, before placing the plate down, he scooped some papers off to the side and could finally eat.

Yin had barely just finished his food before he scooped the plate a bit off to the side and without bothering taking it back to the kitchen, he walked straight over to his bed. He let himself drop down onto it with a thud and instantly fell asleep

Yin turned in his sleep as he, in his dreams, found himself on a deserted ooman street. Electricity all around him had died out and there was no light. With his bio helmet and its inbuilt infrared vision, he was in no need for light however. He stood on a rooftop, scanning the street for his chosen prey. He had been tracking a ooman female the past couple of hours and he could not stop wondering why he was even tracking her. His honor bid him never to lay a violent hand on female prey species, so why had he just been tracking this one for so long? He kept pondering to himself but could not find any answers. All he knew was that his guts told him he had to get to her.

He shook his head lightly, now was not the time for thinking. Save that for the Elders. He had a hunt to finish. He turned his gaze downwards just in time to see the female pass by him on the street. Her senses were on high alert and he knew that she knew she was being tracked. Even despite the humans fast evolution, their instincts were still at the highest. They had a natural herbivore instinct, bidding them to flee at the sight of a threat. But this female kept walking forward with a calm appearance even though he could smell that she was nervous. Despite her attempts of staying calm he could read her body language, she was nervous and she knew he was there.

As he watched her he tilted his head slightly to the side, watching her with intense curiosity. He had never seen a ooman female so up close before and it took him several seconds to understand that he did not look upon her as a potential new trophy. He was there stalking her for other reasons. But for what reasons he had forgotten. He wanted to study her, not kill her.

Yin watched her pass by the third house away from the one he was standing on top of and then leaped in to the air. With a silent thud he landed on the neighboring house, leaped once more and now found himself next to the female once more. She continued walking and he watched her as she pulled her jean jacket tighter around her small fragile frame, obviously feeling cold. Yin himself was of a yautja race that had adapted to a colder climate than his hunting brothers of the other race. Their race had kept their natural adaptation to the tropical climate from their original home planet before the space traveling era had begun among his species. The fall season evening air of this planet did not touch him.

He kept following her silently as he clicked his mandibles every so often, mostly in excitement but also a hidden desire of making her know she was not alone, until they reached a big empty parking lot. There were some trees ahead and he took one giant leap, landing on a thick branch up high in the tallest tree and could now watch her partly from the front as she came closer to him. He bent down on to his knees and leaned forward a bit, trying to get a better view of her as his side brushed against some leaves in a way that could not be mistaken for having been the air. The ooman female stopped right on the spot and stared at the spot where he was standing on. But knowing that he had his cloaking device activated she could of course not see him, nevertheless he was impressed by her awareness. Not only the fact that she knew she was being tracked but also the fact that she had been able to locate his presence so soon despite not being able to see him. She knew he was in the tree.

The female came closer and closer to him as her eyes were glued on the spot in the tree where he stood and he clicked his mandibles again and then silently jumped down on to the hard cold gray asphalt ground, deactivated his cloaking device and waited. But out of old habit, as she came closer, he stepped further and further back in to the shadows.

The female reached her arms out in some kind of an ooman gesture and spoke a language that he could not understand. It was soothing, almost like a mother speaking to her little pup. With his upper mandibles he switched the vision in his bio helmet back to normal, trying to get a good look at this female as he tilted his head to the side once more, but it was still too dark to see much. This time he allowed the ooman female to come in close to him, her fingers were so close, almost touching his bio helmet.

Yin woke up with a shock and was up from his bed within seconds when the loud beeping noises sounded throughout the ship. It was the beeps of a distress call of some sort and without bothering putting his loincloth back on, he rushed to the ships cockpit. Many thoughts traveled through his mind, the worst thoughts imaginable about what was or had happened to his clan clung to him like heavy weights

He sat down in the chair and pushed the button, allowing the transmission through. He had halfway expected to see H'chak's face on the monitor but was met with nothing but a black screen, eventually replaced by red letters spelling out an SOS call followed with coordinates, but this was not a signal from his own clan.

Yin ached a brow as he watched the message keep repeating itself as if someone had set their spaceship to keep sending out the distress signal and he could not help wonder why. Why this yautja had been desperate enough to send out a distress call to be seen by other clans? A distress call was not a thing that a yautja with just a hint of honor could just ignore.

Of course there was the chance of this being a trap, although his clan had not had any enemies for several years. The two clans that they had once been in conflict with during Yin's lifetime had died out and the other had declared peace after an alliance had been made between the two clans. More precisely, H'chak had allowed his oldest daughter to become a wife of the other clan leader, however only for the sake of peace and she had volunteered for the job willingly. Hc'ah had been against the idea at first, as a male he preferred to settle conflict with war, while his daughter being wise, had suggested to settle the conflict with politics. This task had proven to work to much of the surprise among the males.

Yin noted the coordinates down and typed them in to the computer of his ship. A hologram of the oomans homeplanet of Earth appeared and a tiny red dot was blinking right above what seemed to be a tiny island located on the eastern continent. He closed down the hologram as his clawed fingers ran across the console, typing in a few more commands and made the ship turn. He had a more important mission to fulfill now than going on a last hunt before returning home for his sons' trials.

Once the ship was turned, he enabled the autopilot and sat it to full speed. There would be another full day before arriving at the oomans solar system at full speed. There was plenty of time for him to try catching up on a bit more sleep before having to manually navigate the ship through the solar system and its asteroids. Moments later, he found himself back in his bed, his thoughts kept rushing through his mind, but eventually he finally managed to slip away into deep sleep.
Second chapter of my fan novel "Call of nature" Sorry about the long wait.. I will try to not let that happen again XD

Anyways enjoy :) the introduction of Yin'tekai

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Predators and aliens are FOX
Story and remaining world Ann Brix 2010
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GlennB1993 Jan 9, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I read your conversation with The-Psychic-Paligin and I think I can add something to that ^^
In the newest movie Predators, or do you mean that one by P3, the 3 Preds also hunt the girl. But she was an Israeli Spec Ops or something like that so she could be seen as a worthy opponent. But then yet again those were young Preds so they might not yet have the honour of their older counterparts.
ziba Jan 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
As far as I remember Predators had not come out yet at the time of this chapter :) But either way. The predators movie and the AVP3 game can not be considered canon. Technically only the first two movies are true canon.. It is mainly those two that I used as reference..

Either way, as long as something is not true canon then you can not take its messages seriously.

It is also a common belief that the three preddies in the newest movie were bad bloods (all three of them) although as Predators is not canon it doesn't really matter what they are. But even if it was canon, it can not be proven whether they were badbloods or not. it is however just the most common belief among fans that they were badbloods. And as badbloods they wouldn't give a damn about the gender of their prey
GlennB1993 Jan 11, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Yea I watched the movie with commentary and they said that they made these guys bad on purpose. Something with rival clans aswel.
Audji Nov 2, 2010  Student Photographer
>.< whens the third chapter coming out
ziba Nov 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Should hopefully not be longer than another day or two. I already poked my editor about this last night (I was/am getting a little impatient about the waiting myself, lol) :) He said he would have it done possibly today
Firstly I was so happy when the first three paragraphs didn’t have ands in them, even if they did need commas. Even though you might not have read last chapters comment yet...

Also mwhahahaha :evillaugh: I Love how you’ve given predators a sense of gender, protecting females as the superior race when hunting prey because in the movies they don’t normally care what the gender is only if they are a worthy opponent or should just be squashed like a bug :XD: However like the fact your yautja can stand cooler climates which you have explained. I think you should alter the ignoring female’s part, slightly to being a race/cultural thing, rather than as a collective. Personally i feel not all yautja’s would agree with as you said xenomorph queens are the exception. (if that makes any sense?)

“The ooman female stopped right on the spot and stared at the spot where he was standing on.” Take out the ‘where’ and replace it with a comma.

Well you could do with a few more comma’s but I don’t want to write masses again ^^; However the story is coming along nicely and this chapter was much nicer grammar wise to read ^^
ziba Sep 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Well actually, if you pay close attention to the movies, you will notice that none of the yautja actually ever killed a woman/female. P2 grabs that lady by her throat yes, but he also lets her go the minute he understands that she is a female and she is pregnant. P1 never touched the female at all, scared her, but never touched her. and Celtic he does kick Lex in her guts, but he leaves her alone afterwards, no intentions to kill her at all. Wolf aims his plasma canon at the mother and child but afterwards let them go when he realize its a female and her youngling. So this idea about them respecting females is a rather common belief among yautja fans and not just a belief that I have alone :)
So point is again, you never actually see them hunt human females, not even once.
In my world I have made it in to a cultural thing that they respect females because it is the females who are the birth givers. They carry out the brood of their kind, but they are also the weaker gender both among yautjas as well as humans. Only the xenomorph female/queen is superior in size, aggression and dominance.

As for not all yautja's agreeing with such a culture. Well you also see humans who doesn't agree with society and where do they end up? ;) Jail and what are they called? Criminals.
Yautjas failing or denying to follow the law are deemed badbloods/criminals as well just like a human is in our own society. So not saying that all yautjas agree on this whole culture about females being sacred. There are criminal rapist yautjas out there of course :) but they are all, without exception, criminals and outcast :)

And glad that you like the colder climate idea :) I kinda got the idea from the first AVP movie in a sense though, when you see this new yautja breed actually visiting the arctic area of Earth. Yin here in my novel (whom is also the main yautja character) is of that new yautja breed (that one having a full set of teeth in their upper jaws instead of just two fangs like P1 and P2 had.
I just thought it would be a cool little twist to make a more unique world of my own :)

Ohh and btw, glad that you like my story :)
Okay with the female one I know in Avp1 film, the yautja did intend to kill the girl till she gave the weapon back but I suppose that’s debatable. In Avp2 film I swear a female gets killed by a yautja... (going to have to go watch it now). Also in the avp book series (the only ones I’ve read ^^; well plus the first 2 predy books) the juveniles hunt females but saying that the lead yautja in the first book didn’t realise the lead human was a female...
Also in P3 they hunt a female in that, albeit there’s only one human female and she survives. P2 I agree with but p1 Schwarzenegger says the girl in that wasn't hunted because she had no weapon therefore was defenceless thus not real sport. In p2 the book (cold war) a female in that does get attacked but she also survives...well she is kinda lead character.

Its kinda why I saw two different races with different views on stuff or rather two different religions/cultures. If that makes sense. So I do understand were your coming from, it just seemed new to me if that makes sense, from my past readings/watching’s.

Which predator novels have you referenced? because I’ve never come across this side of the predators before...nor the characters you’ve mentioned.

Moving on well in avp the temple is kinda a gives off masses of heat but yeah I get what you mean :XD:

and you’re welcome ^^
ziba Sep 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
The way that I understand that scene then in AVP1 then he did not intend to actually kill Lex, but he did examine her. First of all he could not know she was a female right away, so it came as a natural reflex from him to point his laser at her and scan her for weapons/threats. But your right, that is a debatable thing. Not all understand things the same way.

Ohh and as for AVP2, I had totally forgotten to mention that slutty teenage chick. That she died was an accident, so it was not a murder/kill. Wolf threw the disc at the males as they chased him, attempting to kill or scare them away. The chick did not enter through the doorway until after he had thrown the disc and she happened to be in the way of the disc. So again Wolf did not kill her at least not on purpose, it was an accident.

As for the books and comic books. They are not true canon. All the books and the comic books were all written by fans and therefore you can not consider them true. The only true canon to the yautja is what the original creator/s came up with. None of them ever wrote books or comic books. Again, those are written solely by fans and therefore, again, can not be considered real/true facts.

and in P3 (sorry forgot to mention her too in my above post) the predators in P3 (if you read the manuscript and if you read the book that P3 was based on) you would know that those yautjas are badbloods (the tree you see). Hence they don't care whether one is a female or not. However, again you never directly see them try to kill her/the female. But either way, they are still badbloods those three :)

But once more, as you yourself said above, its a thing that can be debated. I just belong to the group of fans that has the belief that they respect females due to the facts from the movies. (A true fan knows never to take the books and comic books seriously. In other words things written by other fans)

As or P1. What Schwarzenegger says does not mean that its the ultimate truth. Remember that he does not know these monsters (the yautja) he is only saying things based on the facts he had learned during that time in the jungle. P1 also did not hunt any of the males whom had no weapons. That he also did not hunt the female does not mean its only because she had no weapon.

and what do you mean by predator novels? I never read any of them. Mainly because they are fan made and not true canon and so I don't really care about them XD so again, I never read any of them, yet. The characters I mention are all from the movies and so are all my facts (well all the facts about females here at least. My belief (and other fans belief) on females are all based on the movie facts I just mentioned. The fact that you never directly see a female getting hunted etc.)
Wow this is an excellent debate, maybe i should introduce the topic to my debate club :XD:

I went and watched avp 1 & 2, yeah two was an accident. I just keep forgeting how he dies but remembe the weapon that kills her.

What i ment by predator novels was that you listed Lex, celtic and wolf and i didn't know who any of them were. Lex i realised was from AVP but that still didn't explain the other two...

As for p3 where did you get a manuscript?

I personally am an open minded fan and most of the fan works i have read that are avp related have mainly signified a human as a human with a weapon, nothing about singaling genders out. I just tend to play the games more then read fanfic. In the old avp2 you could kill human scientists some of which were female i can't think if you can do the same in the newer version...
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